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‘The Eclectic Bachelor Pad’

We were approached by our client to renovate an old unusable penthouse he had recently purchased. This Home was going to be his dream home, a space for himself and a pad to entertain and host his friends. The apartment was very old with a lot of dead spaces but had great potential to be turned into an upscale quirky yet homely Bachelor Pad. Our client was very involved in the design process from the very beginning and we upscaled and used the artifacts that he had collected over the years from his travels in our design intent. ‘A home should narrate a story of who you are and be a collection of all things one loves.’ We are pleased that this is exactly what we delivered to our client, a cosy home that is a true reflection of his personality and passion.


Since the building was very old and unused for a long time it naturally came with it’s own set of challenges, which we took on and used as our strengths to come up with interesting design solutions to tackle the issues.

Photography - Nayan Soni 

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