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Studio Skapa Architects is a multi-disciplinary studio encompassing Urban design, Architecture and Interior Design. Founded in early 2019 and having worked on a variety of interesting projects in retail, F&B, corporate offices and residences, we have developed a unique identity based on our style of blurring lines between the old and the new. To us every project is unique and personal, designed carefully according to context. 

Our tradition of dedication, professionalism and outstanding customer service is a testament to that mission as we strive each day for excellence in bringing our valued clients’ ideas to life. With a responsible responsive design that comes from attentive discussions and thoughtful solutions, to produce the projects our clients desire.

We take great pride in the fact that many of our projects come from well-reputed and respected repeat clients. To Name a few:

  • Bharat Biotech

  • Shri DharmasthalaManjunatheshwara Educational [SDME] society

  • Jindal Aluminium Limited. and Jindal Nature cure Institute

  • Justice. Anand Byrareddy 

and many residential projects for amazing clients that we have now developed a bond with. 

Their trust in us speaks to the quality of our work and our people.

Our Team

We are a young studio with fresh energy and creativity. A strong team of five women with an innate passion for Architecture and design, we work hard everyday to make sure our client’s dream project comes alive. Each member of our team will bring a set of unique and exceptional skills to your project, without preconceived ideas about what’s right for you.


From new construction to renovation and remodeling, our experience is vast and varied.
We firmly believe in teamwork, where we are able to offer unique services which are seamless integration of various disciplines. We creatively use our spectrum of skills and provide clients with total solutions, our ideas are never static, and constantly evolve to adapt various needs of the clients. We approach all problems with energetic dynamism and are passionate about our works and the service we provide.

Principal Architect:

Charita Kishore Rupa is the Principal Architect of Studio Skapa Architects. Armed with a master’s degree in ‘Urbanism and Housing’ from the AA School of architecture in London and work experience from leading Architecture firms in Sri Lanka and India, She started Studio Skapa Architects in early 2019. Her extensive travel for architectural research and collaborative work in London, Denmark, Sweden and Brazil has helped her gain an insight into the international arena of Architecture. Among other academic  awards, she has received The Beverely Brenstein award in 2016 ( a sum of 100 British pounds to implement her thesis research)

Our Design Philosophy

We believe that design should build trust between our collaborators, our clients and those who inhabit the places we design. We aim to inspire and empower the people and communities who encounter our work and to preserve and respect our natural resources.

Whether it’s new construction, renovation or remodel, our professionals understand the intricacies and specific characteristics that each type of structure demands. As with all of our projects, Studio Skapa will approach yours with an innovative eye, integration of technology, preservation of existing elements when desired, and attention to sustainability.

We believe that quality is in the details. That’s why our building designs include sharp, aesthetically pleasing plans that are also practical and cost-effective to build.  With our love for heritage and curiosity to explore and experiment with the new, our forte is to reimagine a union between tradition and contemporary sensibilities. With our mantra being ‘form follows function’ we believe that ‘design is not just what it looks like but how it works’.

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