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‘The Transitional Estate Escape’

This was an apartment renovation project for a young couple and their son who are from an Estate family hailing from Chickmangalore. Having grown up in an estate bungalow staying in a small apartment in the city during a post pandemic world was getting to them. Since they now had to spend more time indoors, they called us in to renovate their apartment. The brief we got from them was “we want a refreshing feel that makes us happy to be at home and not feel like we’re stuck in a tiny apartment. We miss being back in the estate and want a sense of that in this space”.


This was an exciting challenge for us, to turn a small apartment of only 1100 sft into a functional, magical space for the family. We started with introducing some cheer to the space by adding colour and letting in more light.

Photography - Orka Photography 

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