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‘The Motif Home’

We were approached by a couple who had recently moved back to India from the US and had decided at that point that Bangalore was going to be their home. They Had been renting a space at the same apartment complex for a few months where they decided to buy an apartment and make it their home. Being a well read and well-travelled couple, they were pretty clear on their ideologies. Indian art, history, cinema and culture was something that they had in-depth knowledge of and were keen to incorporate the same while designing their home.


From our discussions we concluded that we needed to give them something that is ‘close to nature and celebrates culture’ and that’s how the concept for ‘The Motif Home’ was created. We have used motifs, patterns and colours in different forms and scales, all influenced by India’s rich heritage of art and craftsmanship.

Photography - Phx India 

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