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'The Classic Contemporary Home’

The Luxe Modern Residence was a really exciting project for us, we combined 2 small 3BHK apartments and converted it into one spacious 5 Bedroom Luxury Apartment. The apartment is on the 3rd floor of a Low rise building in a prime location in Bangalore. We took over the project at a very early stage when only the columns had been erected, so our challenge was to plan a layout with the existing columns in place. Since we also designed the elevation of the entire building, we could use that to our advantage while planning the layout of this floor.


The apartment is a corner site that is surrounded by big beautiful rain trees on both sides and since this is on the 3rd floor, it is the perfect height for a good view of the tree tops. So, obviously while planning our first priority was to create large openings for our clients to be able to enjoy the view. It was quite a challenge to fit in all the requirements of our client while being constricted by the columns and sunken slab locations but we managed to come up with a very well thought of, spacious and functional layout that our client loved.

Photography - Nayan Soni 
Text - Lavanya Chopra

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