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We believe that design should build trust between our collaborators, our clients and those who inhabit the places we design. We aim to inspire and empower the people and communities who encounter our work and to preserve and respect our natural resources.

Whether it’s new construction, renovation or remodel, our professionals understand the intricacies and specific characteristics that each type of structure demands. As with all of our projects, Studio Skapa will approach yours with an innovative eye, integration of technology, preservation of existing elements when desired, and attention to sustainability.

We believe that quality is in the details. That’s why our building designs include sharp, aesthetically pleasing plans that are also practical and cost-effective to build.  With our love for heritage and curiosity to explore and experiment with the new, our forte is to reimagine a union between tradition and contemporary sensibilities. With our mantra being ‘form follows function’ we believe that ‘design is not just what it looks like but how it works’.

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